Just like with any other type of vehicle, safety is one of the most important concerns for anyone planning to travel on a motorcycle. Riders can protect themselves by practicing safe driving habits, wearing bright colors to remain visible to other drivers, and keeping a stock of extra motorcycle parts. Here are three parts that you should always have when striking out on any road trip:  

SPARK PLUG: These are essential parts that typically are model or engine specific, meaning that not all spark plugs will work on all motorcycles. Keeping extra spark plugs made for your motorcycle in stock when travelling will save time and money should anything happen to your current ones.

SPARE CHAIN OR CHAIN LOCKS: Majority of manufacturers recommend changing your motorcycle’s chain every 5000 Kms and check the tension of the chain after each 500 Kms. Road trips can often become longer than initially expected, potentially leaving you in need of a new chain. Carrying a spare chain or chain locks prevents losing time on the road

HEADLIGHT BULB: Staying visible and increasing your own ability to see are both important parts of being safe on the road. Headlight bulbs may burn out or become damaged or broken during your time on the road. A spare headlight bulb can come in handy, helping you prevent danger for yourself and others.

Now, this is not to say that you don’t need to worry about other parts on the road. The best way to plan for your next big trip is to come down and talk to some of our expert parts people. Give them the lowdown and they will make sure you are stocked up and more prepared !

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Happy & Safe riding to you all friends!

Team HMC