Isn’t that the always present question when it comes to planning a new motorcycle tour with your friends? Lot of people ask us…why one need to join a guided motorcycle tour and we thought to give answer on a common platform. So here we go……..

Some people ride only self guided, some only guided motorcycle tours, and there are those who choose depending on the location of the tour (and some other facts, of course). We could all agree that the latter ones should come out as the smartest. If you tour throughout your own region, why should you bother with a guide or agency, but if you plan a tour in a country that you don’t know well, and which is perhaps located on another continent, then ‘’guided’’ is the way to go.

Here we are sharing our thoughts, from our perspective. We can say that behind the idea of starting our motorcycle touring company stands some extensive experience in touring and travelling on motorcycle from length to width of India. Sometimes you’re disappointed and sometimes you’re blown away how unbelievably good the tour was organized. So, when we had to approach that whole touring concept from another side, we tried to bring in all the good stuff that we’ve learned while rolling our wheels around this beautiful country with all kinds of people.

First of all, being a ride lover and knowing what a good road adventure is, you probably don’t want to stay to long (if at all) at those tourist crowded places, visiting only the spots marked on a maps as popular or on Tourist’s bible – “Lonely Planet” as “a must visit”, while missing the ones that make all the magic. Hidden turns, roads that lead to unexpected views, haunted lakes, unsung mansion, stops that haven’t yet been fully aroused by tourist clamor, having a drink with your friends in a charming little traditional hut in the mid of dense oak forest with a nice view, that’s why you need someone who will lead you through those gems of truly great motorcycle adventures.

Not all motorcycle touring agencies offer the same: some are really huge and offer guided (or self guided) tours in many countries. For example, there are some agencies that offer tours on several continents, and that is really praiseworthy and challenging. On the other hand, we see HINDUSTAN MOTORCYCLING COMPANYas a small agency that is specialized on its own territory, providing only the best out of this extremely beautiful and unique part of the world called INDIA.

It’s really important that the guide tour instantly becomes a part of your touring crew, one who always knows where the best roads are, where the best dinner is served, and where the sexiest sunset view can be seen. That’s where we think we’re good at.

Your guide will be HMC’s founder and owner, Surbhit Kant Dixit, who is a also a photographer and he always carries a camera in his bag, making sure that all moments are not being forgotten for as long as you want. There goes another benefit. Now let’s get all the pros in one place:
• No losing time at home for planning and preparation;
• No need to worry about all the tricky little details regarding the motorcycles you’re going to ride and the routes where you’re going to ride them;
• Our guided tours are offered with all sort of motorcycles depending on the terrain we will be taking to ensure that you have the best motorcycle holidays ;
• Ride luggage free – having a support vehicle (which we have) is a great thing because you don’t need to worry about the weight, and you can bring more stuff home from your trip. Perhaps you would like to buy a bottle of nice wine and it sure isn’t practical carrying it in your side case. And you can easily have a change of clothes and some riders gear at the support car;
• Our support vehicle comes with an experienced & trained mechanic and stores all sort of motorcycle spare parts. So you can be assured that your adventure will go smoothly without unforeseen stops;
• A great tour guide knows the tour territory like the back of his hand, has great English, knows how to deal with any situation, and has a camera to shoot all those great moments;
• A guide that can take you to places no one else could, and a guy who knows how to have fun and enjoy every moment he spends with you;
• Having a good, trustworthy and reliable company covering your back at all time, keeps you safe and untroubled so you can focus on the road and on the adventure.

That’s how we see it. Let others do the planning and organizing, so you and your friends can enjoy the tour in a cool and relaxed fashion, from the moment you come of the plane to the very last moment.

Happy & Safe Riding to you all,