CHADAR: Frozen River Trek 2019 | 10 DAYS/09 NIGHTS | 17 BATCHES

CHADAR: Frozen River Trek 2019 | 10 DAYS/09 NIGHTS | 17 BATCHES

December 4, 2018

Chadar” means blanket or veil of ice that covers the Zanskar River over the winters. This expedition style challenging trek takes one
to the remote Zanskar valley which can only be penetrated in the long, harsh winter months by walking on the “Chadar”- the frozen
Zanskar River through the incredible Zanskar gorge with its stunning scenery and landscape.

The rocks beneath the icy blue green water and ice and snow above make it look like an artist’s work. The brilliant blue skies high above stand out against the brown hues of the narrow Zanskar gorge. This trip is truly one of the world’s greatest adventure as you trek along the traditional Zanskari winter route meeting the locals and children going to School in Leh.

You also get to visit the villages and stay in homes, thus getting an insight into the lives of the simple Zanskari folk during the hostile winter period. The harsh climatic conditions (minus 30 c) make this trip even harder as you shuffle along the frozen river.

Trek Highlights

  • Winter Trekking Expedition
  • Challenging & Exciting Trekking
  • A glimpse of an ancient unchanged culture
  • Stunning beautiful frozen river
  • Spectacular Landscape
  • Temperatures: -12C to -30C
  • Grade: Moderate
  • No.of days/nights : 10 days / 09 nights

Destination: Nyerag (Big Frozen Waterfall)

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Detailed Itinerary:

Day 01 : Delhi – Leh (1:40 hrs ) (3,430mtr)
Arrival at KBR airport at Leh and transfer to your hotel . Take a rest for acclimatize your body for full day and relax day in Leh . Overnight in Hotel / Guest House at leh with Breakfast.

Day 02: Leh Local Sightseeing + Acclimatize
After Comfort breakfast , Visit Shanti Stupa , and drop at Leh Market for Shopping ,After all back to Hotel / Guest House by walk and
Stay with breakfast .

Day 03: Leh Again as per Order and New Rule + Medical Checkup
Today , All the Guest are request to Visit Sonam Norboo Memorial Hospital , Leh for Medical and Fitness Checkup to complete your
Chadar trek properly . And after all clear , meet your Chadar trek Organizer . Half day walk around the Leh Market for Shopping for
their personally. Overnight in Hotel /Guest House .

Day 04: Leh – Shingra Yokma – Tsomo Cave (5hrs)
Check Out your hotel 8’AM and drive to Shingra Yokma via Chilling village . Two hours walk on Chadar , (The Frozen Zanskar River ). Remember, you are touching the Chadar for the first time ,hot lunch will be at camp site and overnight in tent with all meals .

Day 05: Tsomo – Tib Cave (7hrs Trek)
Trek start early morning from Tsomo to Tib Cave. Hot lunch will serve on the mid way .Enjoy the beauty of nature .Overnight in tent
near Tib cave with meals.

Day 06: Tib cave – Nerag (The Frozen Water Fall )(8hrs Trek)
Trek start from Tib cave to Nerag Waterfall . Hot lunch will serve on the mid way .Overnight in tent near Nerag with meals .

Day 07: Return Trek from Nerag – Tib Cave (8hrs Trek)
The trek will be start early in the morning and Trek start from Nerag Frozen Waterfall to Tib Cave . Feel the happy moment of Chadar
trek. Overnight in tent at Tib Cave with meals.

Day08: Tib Cave – Shingra Kongma (7hrs trek)
Trek from Tib Cave to Shingra Kongma as same route by walking down hill .You guys can be fall down on the Ice Sheet (Chadar) due
to slipper Frozen Ice and it causes on the Ice . Overnight in tent at Shingra Kongma with meals .

Day 09: Shingra Kongma – Bakula – Leh (5hrs)

Trek to Bakula by same route. Today is the last day of Chadar Trek . Overnight in
Hotel /Guest House at Leh without meals .

Day 10: Leh – Delhi
Departure from Leh to Delhi by flight with lots of sweet memories of CHADAR TREK AND LADAKH !

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Available Batches:

  • 1st Batch: 06th Jan – 15th Jan 2019
  • 2nd Batch: 11th Jan –20th Jan 2019
  • 3rd Batch: 15th Jan – 24th Jan 2019
  • 4th Batch: 16th Jan – 25th Jan 2019
  • 5th Batch: 19th Jan – 28th Jan 2019
  • 6th Batch: 20th Jan – 29th Jan 2019
  • 7th Batch: 22nd Jan – 31st Jan 2019
  • 8th Batch: 23rd Jan – 01st Feb 2019
  • 9th Batch: 24th Jan – 02nd Feb 2019
  • 10th Batch:26th Jan – 04th Jan 2019
  • 11th Batch 01st Feb – 10th Feb 2019
  • 12thBatch:03rd Feb – 12thFeb 2019
  • 13thBatch: 08thFeb – 17thFeb 2019
  • 14thBatch: 10th Feb – 19th Feb2019
  • 15th Batch:11th Feb – 20th Feb 2019
  • 16th Batch:15th Feb – 24th Feb 2019
  • 17th Batch:17th Feb – 26th Feb 2019

Note : From 16th January to 20th Feb is the most busiest month of the Chadar trek.

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1: Guesthouse at Leh for 4 nights (after and before Chadar trek)
2: Airport pickup and drop
3: Transportations from Leh to trekking point and trekking point to Leh (after and before the Chadar trek)
NOTE : Individual transport doesn’t include in any cases !
4: Tent, sleeping bags, mattress.
5: Oxygen cylinder, Rope, Oxy metre, thermo met First Aid kits etc
6: All foods during the chadar trek (pure Veg)
7: Guide , cook , helper and porters
8: Camping charges


1: Airfares on the both side.
2: Assistant back pack carrier and over loaded bag.
3: More extra day and night at Leh (after/before the Chadar trek).
4: Personal trekking requirements like warm jack , gloves , muffler , day and night socks , walking stick , gum boots and sunglass, Hot
Water Bottle etc.
5: Extra sleeping bags, blanket and mattress.
6: personally expenses and Tips etc.

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Payment terms:
1: 50% in advance at the time of booking confirmation.
2: 50% balance 15 days prior to the travel date.
3: In case the booking is made within 15 days of travel, 100% advance is required at the time of confirmation.
4: can online transaction or can deposit in the account .

Cancellation policy:
1: 15 days prior to date of arrival -25% of the total bill will be charged.
2: 13 days to 08 days prior to date of arrival – 50% of the total bill will be charged.
3: 07 days less prior to date of arrival – 100% of the total bill will be charged.

All the arrangements for the tour /trek are pre-planned and prepaid. In case of not completion of tour/trek due to any reasons whatsoever
there will not be any refund for any unutilized services. Any extra expense due any alteration has to be paid extra.

Fitness required for the Chadar trek:

Age: 14 min and 50 max. Past experience in trekking: Useful.
Fitness: The Chadar is a trek where you need to be in top physical condition before you start the trek. The cold is intense. A fit body
manages the conditions on the Chadar well. You must be able to jog 4.5 km in 30 minutes before commencement of the Chadar expedition. This makes your lungs strong and gives it ability to process less air for more work. It also helps the body to acclimatize better to
the bitter cold of the trek. Flexibility is the ability of muscles and tendons to relax and stretch easily. It determines the amount of movement your bones can make in any direction around joints such as shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Stretching improves your posture
and helps to prevent low back pain. Stretching your hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors and low back muscles regularly, promotes relaxation in the tissues reducing the strain on your back. Backpack (55 – 65 L) with sturdy straps and supporting frame. Quechua Forclaz
60 is a good choice.
Trekking shoes: No sports shoes. It gets really cold once the sun goes down and shoes are important to keep your feet warm. Ensure
the shoes are well broken before the trek. Forclaz 500 and Woodland are good choices But you also need woollen socks. Expensive
shoes are not really the answer to cold. Wearing 2 layers of woollen socks is the trick.

Note: You can buy Decathlon products from online. Ladies with smaller feet size find it a problem to get a shoe. Forclaz 500 has special trekking shoes for women. 4 pair of track pants (at least one should be synthetic quick-dry kind). Or 3 pair of cotton pants with lots
of pockets. Track pants are light and we highly endorse them. Plus, when things get cold you can wear one over the other.

1. 4 Full sleeve cotton tees with collar.
2. 2 full sleeve sweaters. A fleece jacket would be an alternative.
3. A full sleeve thick jacket.
4. 4 pairs of undergarments.
5. 1 pair of thermal liners.
6. 4 pairs of sports socks. 2 pairs of woollen socks.
7. Woollen monkey cap and balaclava that cover the ear.
8. Woollen hand gloves + synthetic glove (waterproof). If you don’t have synthetic gloves, get two pairs of woollen gloves and a surgical glove.
9. Sunglasses – curved ones will cover your eyes well. No blue coloured sunglass — they don’t block UV. Blacks, greens, browns are
fine. Avoid multi tone sunglasses. Sunglasses prevent snow blindness. Sunglasses are mandatory for this trek. People who wear
spectacles, choose one of these: -Use contact lenses. -Photochromatic glasses · If either of the above is not possible, wear your spectacles and carry a big sunglass that can be worn over your spectacles.
10. A woollen scarf or muffler.
11. Trekking Pole is mandatory. You can buy a trekking pole
12. Light towel (should be thin, quick drying kind).
13. Lip balm.
14. Cold cream and sunscreen lotion (SPF 40+).
15. 1 Water bottles (1 L ). The insulated water bottles are good, but even normal water bottles will suffice. Packaged drinking bottles
like Bisleri, Aquafina and others not allowed.
16. LED Torch with extra set of cells (head lamps preferable). Personal toilet kit (minimal) and toilet paper.

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1. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on the trek including when at Leh.
2. Leave your denims behind – these are ill suited for treks and add weight.
3. Snacks, colas and personal food – No need to overburden yourself with food.
4. Do not carry any disposable plastic bottles like (Bisleri, Aquafina), plastic wrapped/packaged items. Do not bring any nonbiodegradable material.
5. Don’t get any sleeping bags. We are going to carry high altitude sleeping bags with us. We would also be carrying Dome tents, iceaxes, and other equipment required for such treks.
6. After packing, weigh your gear. It should be in the range of 7-8 kg – preferably on the lighter side. Anything heavier, you will need
to iterate and remove what is not essential.
7. Carry light and what is essential. As an example, toothpaste should be bought in small size (that can last you 10 days). Do not plan
for “if” situations. The list of things mentioned here is exactly what you need and nothing more.

Some general advice about clothing:
To protect you from cold, dressing in layers is the mantra. Two T-shirts worn one over the other is warmer than a T-shirt that is thick. 3
T-shirts worn one over the other is as good as a full sweater. This is just a guideline. If you are prone to cold carry an extra sweater.

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Along with the above list, please ensure you also carry the following documents:
1. An identification card (like driving license, voters ID card, etc.) along with a photocopy.
2. A passport size photo.
3. A medical certificate specifying the following points
4. Disclaimer certificate (to be fill here before the trek departure on the briefing session please ask your guide). The documents are
mandatory. Without them you will not be allowed to trek.

Our tours are planned several months in advance adverse climate conditions. However, changes will be made (en-route) if unfavourable
weather hampers our progress. However, while on tour should any unforeseeable situations arise beyond our control, e.g. landslides,
snow packs, earthquake or glacial movement. As safety of all our guests is paramount, we will make changes en-route and detour to
continue with the adventure.

Tour Amendment:
If we find there are insufficient numbers of participants in a particular tour group. We reserve the right to amend or cancel the tour. We
will also ensure to the best of our ability that you get exactly what you pay for. However, if there are circumstances beyond our control,
i.e. political unrest, or any other unpredictable events, we will take every precaution to take an alternative route to continue with your

You are responsible for your travel insurance and it is a condition of joining any of our expeditions that you are covered against following: trip Cancellations and delays, full medical— accidental cover including repatriation, general liability—loss of luggage. Please be
aware, that HMC or any of our agents will not be held responsible for any damage to or loss of your personal property.

On our Trans-Himalayan and Ladakh expeditions, Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) on the high- roads and passes can cause some rider
problems. We take great care of those susceptible to such difficulties and make sure immediate action is taken. For general health advice
and inoculations, please consult your doctor.
Please let us know if you have a medical condition which we should know about, or of high altitude is a problem. We can take
appropriate actions during travels.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for any clarifications.

For Registration Fees, or for any clarification, please click  on CONTACT US FORM