• Himalayan Backlands


January 11, 2018

The Himalayan Backlands is a 5-day adventure car rally on the lower Himalayan range of Kumaon, Uttarakhand. Wake up the Rasta Baba inside you and come along with your Co-baba on your Dhanno. Whizz the day, chill in the evening and spend the nights entirely amidst the woods of the Himalayas.

The Himalayan Backlands adventure car rally is based on the TSD format (time, speed, distance). Basically, you are given a route map that you need to follow while looking for the signs and collect clues/food from the right locations at your right time according to a preset average speed given to you.

The preset speed would be a moderate one. At the pre-set average speed, there is always an ideal time for you to sign in at the secret marshal check-posts.  In fact, you will lose more points for arriving earlier than for arriving late.

As you go on doing and collecting things on the way according to the map you will keep adding to your score. Additionally, there are other fun and adventure activities with which you can score.

The trick is to read maps well, drive at the calculated correct “rasta baba speed”. Challenging, right?

The top winners will be the team that cumulatively scores the highest in the rally and the adventures. Followed by the team that scores the highest in the rally score standalone.

 Yatra Kaaryakram (Itinerary)

Day 01 | 14 Feb | Wed | Reach Camp Kyari Syat (2570 ft.), 280 km from Delhi. At high noon, registrations for the race (by the junglee Corbett National Park) followed by distribution of cool stickers, roadmap, car checks. Night at American Safari tents. Ready to drive the next morning.

Day 02 | 15 Feb | Thu | Early drive to Daankudi, Ranikhet (5800 ft.), 140 km from Syat. 5 hours on the road, look for the clues on the way. Relax the night at cosy rooms or trekking tents.

Day 03 | 16 Feb | Fri | Next to the Gomti and Saryu rivers, whizz past the fields and forests, climb up the dramatic trails on the edge road to Camp Shaama (7500 ft.), 150 km from Ranikhet. Trek rally to the camp. At night, feel the warmth of stone huts under a sky full of stars. Don’t forget to know who is leading so far.

Day 04 | 17 Feb | Sat | A short drive to the River edge Ramganga (2800 ft), 44 km from Shama. Savour the local snacks on the way. What’s the score?  Gear up on the river adventure and pass-outs on the beach. Nights at trekking tents.

Day 05 | 18 Feb | Sun | At the end of the dirt track near Binsar wildlife Sanctuary, feel alive.

Final scores at the campfire in Camp Purple, Mukteshwar (7400 ft.), 190 km from Thal. Cheers to the winner! Nights at American Safari tents.


Some Gyaan:

  1. You can actually bring your Maruti-800.
  2. No potholes, only a bit dirt road.
  3. You don’t need to be the roadrunner but just an awesome navigator.
  4. The trick is not to be too fast or too slow but be at a moderate Rasta baba speed.
  5. Rasta Baba qualification needs basic driving skills and a co-baba who can read maps
  6. Non-driving action safety will be provided while driving safety is in your hands.
  7. Encouraging the first-time rally drivers – no prior experience is needed.
  8. No need to pep up your vehicle.


Cost: 20,000 INR per person + 5% GST

Inclusions:  All the rally support, Guarded parking, Ambulance, Full board meals – veg / non-veg, Tea/ Coffee/ Refreshments, Accommodation on sharing basis, Complete Field & Safety equipment and instructors for all adventure activities.

What is not included? Transport/ Transfer, Alcoholic/ Aerated drinks, Any type of insurance, Any expense of personal nature


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